Taste by Globe

Sweden's largest network for food lovers,

innovation and sustainability

Taste by Globe is a meeting place where chefs, sommelier, baristas, confectioners, bakers, beer masters and food enthusiasts in general collaborate. We highlight new stars and ideas with our three values ​​as a starting point: Food Joy, Innovation and Sustainability. At the same time, we monitor trends and explore food cultures around the world.

In Taste by Globe, we inspire each other and spread joy. We work for increased knowledge and emphasize the importance of the meal for social well-being and its meaning from a cultural perspective both locally and internationally. The obvious focus is nutritious food where the starting point is a combination of sustainability and good taste - the good life today and tomorrow.

We work with grocery retailers and restaurants to promote networking. Taste by Globe can be an advisor to both foodies and the food industry when it comes to sustainable development. Through various types of collaborations, the network thus constitutes a great opportunity and asset for brands that are linked to food and drink. Lots of win-win situations arise.